Results for SSG-Tering Bay IAC 2023

The above event was held at Tering Bay Golf & Country Club in Batam, Indonesia, from 11 to 14 June 2023.

Winners of the respective Divisions are as follows:

Men’s Division
Champion: Ryan Wong Wey Ren (219)
1st Runner-up: Jayaditya Saluja (227)
2nd Runner-up: How Chon Heyong (228)

Women’s Division
Champion: Guo Jun Xi (225)
1st Runner-up: Rachel Lim Rui Jia (253)
2nd Runner-up: Aisyah Biggs (259)

Seniors’ Division
Champion: Jimmy Aw (230)
Runner-up: Abdul Rahim Bin Abu Bakar (234)