SSG is committed to the idea that many golfers in Singapore would benefit from collective representation in an attempt to make the game of golf affordable, particularly so in Singapore, where membership of an established golf club is prohibitively expensive.

SSG aims to obtain for its members:

• Reduced cost of golf services and products;
• Access to the benefits of belonging to a Golf Club; and
• New opportunities to deliver golf services and products efficiently and cost effectively.

Its objects are clearly enshrined in its Constitution which are re-produced as follows:

• To serve as a body for persons concerned with and interested or involved in golf.
• To stimulate interest in golf by the encouragement and promotion of the exchange of information, ideas and skills by the bringing together of persons interested in the game of golf.
• To foster the enhancement and expansion of the game of golf by leading in the development of members and information services and the promotion of opportunities for all who want to play golf.
• To promote a spirit of unity amongst members through social, cultural and sporting activities and to promote and conserve the best interests and true spirit of the game of golf as embodied in its ancient and honourable traditions.
• To encourage conformance among members to the Rules of Golf and Rules of Amateur Status as adopted jointly by the United States Golf Association and the R&A Rules Limited.
• To maintain a uniform system of handicapping as set forth in the World Handicap System and issue WHS Handicap Indexes to members.
• To govern and conduct golf games, competitions and tournaments.
• To encourage appropriate professional standards and attitudes of members and to stimulate members to enhance their competence.